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February 11, 2022 2 min read

A Glamping Trip

Spending time together could be the catalyst to a fiery excitement in any relationship. We start off our list with Glamping – “glamourous camping” to be exact. Glamping puts you and your partner out in the midst of nature with the minimal luxuries of a toilet and shower, a large tent to house a comfy mattress, and sometimes, a meal cooked for you straight from the outdoors.

The beauty of glamping is the ability to enjoy the wild outdoors with your lover. There’s nothing more romantic that being out in the jungles of our local rainforests with your soulmate. The Philippines has a variety of glamping locations you could try. If you prefer an all-nature adventure, why not go for traditional camping this Valentine’s Day?


Her Favorite Cake

Be different with a sweet delivery of your partner’s favorite cake. Cakes are awesome as gifts for any celebration – and now for Valentine’s Day. Imagine the sheer excitement on your partner’s face when he/she sees their much-loved cake arriving at their doorstep. Here at CakeRush Philippines, we’ve compiled all our best-sellers for Valentine’s Day on one page to make your life easy. Simply click on the link and get to shopping!


Spa Day

Treat your partner with the very best this V-Day with a day of pampering. A spa day makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Give your girlfriend, wife, or partner that premium indulging with a day out for manicures, pedicures, full-body massages, and an overall day of physical nourishment away from the hustle and bustle of life.

One brilliant way to give a Valentine’s gift for her is with a Galentine’s Day.Galentine’s simply means a day out with the gals – give her that day with her girlfriends. Let them go out to enjoy, no worries. Go the extra mile and sponsor the day’s activities and she’ll love you long time!  


A Bromance Day

Much like Galentine’s day, the boys deserve some love too. Give your boyfriend or husband a day off and let him hang out with his boys. This freedom gives him the confidence to enjoy this festive day with his closest mates knowing your love for him doesn’t set unnecessary boundaries.

It will be the perfect V'Day gift for him. Boys’ night usually involves drinking with buddies, some billiards or pool, or watching the game on television. Give him that time with his buddies and he’s sure to reward you with a little something-something afterwards (if you know what we mean!).


These are just a few ideas we’ll throw out for you to try. What are some of your favorites from this list? Or do you have any iconic Valentine’s Day gift ideas that no one has tried before? Go ahead and let us know!

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