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Cupcakes are yummy, now get in my tummy! - Get your cupcake fix with CakeRush today! Whether you're at home or at an office party, we'll have the tasty treats delivered to you ASAP! 

Welcome To Our Cupcake Shop! 

Cupcakes are the perfect little treat - bite-sized bakes that could make anyone smile! With a moist and crumbly base, topped off with buttercream, and absolutely adorable designs - they’re the perfect sweet treat for everyone to share. There’s nothing like a box of decadent cupcakes to start the party just about anywhere. 

Need a set of delicious cupcakes to get the party started - but don’t know where to get ‘em? C’mon over to our little cupcake shop! With scrumptious chocolate, vanilla, banana, cookies and cream flavours and more - you’re sure to find the perfect set of bite-sized deliciousness for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic sophisticated cupcake - buttery and moist, or something with a little extra - gorgeous designer cupcakes with decadent flourishes of buttercream and toppers, we’ve got ‘em all. So, c’mon over to CakeRush’s wonderful cupcake shop - where you’re guaranteed irresistibly delicious cupcakes every time. 

Cupcakes For Every Occasion

Hosting your child’s birthday party? Celebrating an office gathering? Or maybe going over to a potluck at your friend’s? Well, we’ve got a cupcake for that! Whatever the occasion, whatever the season - there’s always a reason to share a little sweetness all around with delicious cupcakes. They’re truly the perfect treat - easy to eat, easy to share, and almost absolutely mess-free. So whoever or wherever you’re celebrating - be sure to bring along a box of cupcakes that are perfect for sharing on the go. No need for cake knives, plates or anything else - simply grab a cupcake and munch away. Especially when you’re wondering what to bring over to that Christmas potluck party - cupcakes are the way to go! We’ve got an array of delicious designer holiday cupcakes, topped off with holiday designs, Christmas treats, and more.

Planning on looking for your next baking experiment, with chocolate, vanilla or designer cupcake recipes? Why not leave it to our baking experts instead? Skip the long grocery store queues for all the ingredients, the measuring cups, pans and cleanup - we’ve got you sorted. Simply click away, find the perfect cupcake set, and check out - leave the rest to us.
Our pro bakers will handle the rest, crafting your cupcakes to absolute perfection - with a whole lot of love and care. With some of the finest bakers in town, with premium ingredients - we’re bringing you the finest selection of cupcakes for all your celebratory needs. We’ll even have them delivered right to your doorstep, all across Metro Manila, with same-day deliveries for orders placed before 3 pm. So, what’re you waiting for? C’mon over to CakeRush and order your next box of joy - in the form of delicious cupcakes, today.