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Designer Cakes


Go beyond the mainstream with our designer cake delivery service! Browse the latest pastry trends in this collection of handpicked designer cakes, all available for delivery
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What are Designer Cakes?

There is a trend these days to see who has the most beautiful life, thanks to social media. One aspect of beauty is seen in our food. What better food to snap pictures of than cakes? Cakes are some of the most intricate delicacies meant for celebratory events. At the top of the tier are the designer cakes.

What is a designer cake? A designer cake is a cake that steals the show with its looks. Some come in bright colors while other come in recognizable shapes and themes. Let us at CakeRush Philippines give show you how you could deliver designer cakes to your doorstep today.


Trendy Designer Cakes – Rainbow cakes, Unicorn cakes and More!

The most common designer cakes come in themes. Here at CakeRush, our premium designer cakes come in the theme of letters and numbers. Check out the Number 7 cake from Sweet Success or the Alphabet Cake from the same designer. Numbers cakes are great for commemorating anniversaries dates while letter themed cakes are perfect for that special birthday boy or girl.

Next up are unicorn and rainbow cakes. These colorful cakes are always the center of attention at any birthday parties or celebrations. Rainbow cakes come in a variety of flavors and textures. Most common flavors are buttercream, chocolate, and red velvet. It’s what’s on the outside that matters most as their bright, vivid colors make for Insta-worthy photos. Unicorn cakes, like rainbow cakes, have bright shades of toppings designed in the shape of a unicorn. The signature unicorn’s horn brings a magical touch to this iconic cake.

Cupcakes are versatile confectionery, perfect for themes such as flowers, dinosaurs, unicorns, alphabets for names, heart shapes, fruits, and much more. Cupcakes typically come in sets of 6 or more and are ideal bite-sized treats for after-meal delights. Order a set of designer cupcakes for any event and watch your guests’ faces light up as you bring out the treats!


Same-Day Delivery on Designer Cakes in Philippines

Get your fill of designer cakes by ordering today at CakeRush Philippines. With an online process that’s easy and fun, you’ll enjoy getting beautiful designer cakes delivered to you doorstep. All you have to do is create and account with CakeRush, add the product you desire to-cart, input your delivery address, and complete the order with a payment. Once that’s done, you’ll receive an email confirmation along with your order number. What’s better, get same-day delivery on designer cakes ordered before the cutoff time. Go ahead and place your orders today.

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