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Valentines Day Cakes

Order delicious romantic heart-shaped cakes this Valentine's day and surprise your loved ones. Also, check our sharing food platters for your valentine's dinner Ideas.

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Charm Your Lover This Valentine’s Day with Cakes

Love is in the air! Have you ever thought that cake solves all your love troubles? It does! The sweet, caramelized tastes of chocolate, vanilla, fruits, and nutty flavors of cakes have a charming effect on our moods. This Valentine’s Day, why not use cakes as a way to charm your better half? Send a cake to the one you love anywhere in the Philippines and get free delivery when you order with CakeRush. All your favorite cake flavors are available this Valentine’s Day 2023 as we’ve prepared a gala for confectionery lovers in this part of the world. Go ahead and browse the collection of cakes for V'Day or read more to find out how you could get your hands on a beautiful, lush, rich cake. 


Delicious, Delightful Valentine’s Day Cakes

A cake's purpose is to serve as the centrepiece of a happy celebration, therefore it should be visually and aromatically appealing. The perfect Valentine's Day cake would have both an enticing appearance and a delicious flavor. Don't fret; we at CakeRush Philippines have just the right variety of decadent cakes to make your event stand out. For Valentine's Day, we've compiled a list of some of our most beloved cake flavors:


Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cake For Every Lover

The brilliant confectioner Richard Cadbury came up with the idea of marketing chocolates in time for Valentine's Day in 1861. He presented them in heart-shaped boxes adorned with roses and Cupids, two symbols of love already well-established in Victorian culture. This gave rise to a brand-new custom associated with St. Valentine's Day.

Few people realise that chocolate contains compounds that have a calming effect on the brain and can raise energy and arousal levels, making it a potential aphrodisiac. The natural high that chocolate provides is often compared to the experience of falling in love. Love, passion, caring, and a long and prosperous life are all represented by the chocolate gift. It's an excellent token of appreciation that won't break the bank but will certainly make your loved one smile.

CakeRush recommends that you and your sweetheart treat yourselves to something more special than just chocolates this Valentine's Day by sharing a chocolate cake!  There are literally hundreds of varieties of chocolate cakes available today, and the topic is sure to keep cake fans of all stripes engrossed for hours. CakeRush is pleased to provide an extensive collection of chocolate cakes spanning the globe's culinary traditions, just in time for Valentine's Day. You might feel like trying everything from the very first item on the list to the very last. If you're expecting a moist cake for Valentine's Day, you might expect to celebrate with the rich, velvety flavors of chocolate.


Same-Day Delivery For V’Day Sweethearts

Cookies are just as fantastic as cakes for celebrating a love that has lasted a lifetime. Any gathering is made cosier with the presence of cookies. Something special can be said about a box of chocolate chip cookies or butterscotch fingers presented with a red and white bow on Valentine's Day. Brownies are a good alternative to cookies and cakes if you're not in the mood for any of those. Brownies are a classic dessert for every special occasion. A brownie could be purchased and cut into pieces to deliver to loved ones as a Valentine's Day gift. Flower Chimp provides Valentine's Day desserts that can be delivered the same day throughout Malaysia. In order to choose a delivery slot, your order must be placed before the cut-off time. Feel free to peruse the extensive collection of Valentine's Day cakes and place an order for one right now. Just sign up for an account and start buying stuff right now. So, what are you waiting for? CakeRush Philippines is taking orders for Valentine's Day cakes, cookies, and brownies now!