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Blueberry Cake Delivery | CakeRush

Make Everyday A Berry Good Day

Blueberries are nature’s candy - sweet, tart, and perfectly bite-sized. Who knew something so delicious could be oh-so healthy too? Filled with antioxidants and vitamins - blueberries are the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too! By that, we mean why not indulge in a delicious slice of blueberry cake - it’s the perfect balance of deliciousness with your dose of fruity goodness on top! Make your day a (blue)berry good day with our array of decadent blueberry filled cakes and bakes. We’ve got ‘em all - Conti’s famous blueberry cheesecake, a scrumptious serving of blueberry cheesecake in a can, or a fresh and creamy concoction of a Blueberry and Lemon Chiffon! 

Blueberry Cheesecakes To Woo

Tart blueberries, decadent cheese, and a dose of sugar to tie it all together. There’s no denying that blueberries and cheesecake are a match made in heaven - an unbeatable combination! Perfect for a sunny little picnic, paired with your favourite cocktails and cheese board - or even as an after-dinner treat, snuggled up with your sweetheart as a bite of love to share. Blueberry cheesecakes are the perfect pick-me-ups for just about anywhere, any time of the day. CakeRush brings you some of Manila’s best blueberry filled creamy delights to do your dessert cravings right. From Conti’s national treasure, to some of the best home bakers - Shamy Cakes, Cheesecakery, and so many more, we’ve got the best blueberry cakes and cheesecakes in town - ready to be delivered to you. 

Not Too Sweet?

Blueberry cakes are the perfect medley of delicious and not too sweet. So, if you’re a fan of cakes - but definitely not into all the sugar - blueberry cakes are the perfect pick for you. Tart, creamy and oh so delicious - these sublime bakes make for the perfect cake at a party or celebration, sure to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. So, the next time you’re looking for just the right sweet treat to bring to that party, or trying to celebrate a special someone’s big day (who may not be too interested in overly sweet cakes) - make their day very berry good with CakeRush’s array of blueberry cakes.