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Cakes for Kids

Do you have a birthday to celebrate? - Well, we've got you covered! Order a Birthday Cake with us today and have it delivered to your doorstep within just a few hours! 
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Make Your Kiddo’s Big Day

Is your little angel’s big birthday bash coming up soon? It’s time to get your shopping list in order - decorations? Check. Gifts? Check. Their special outfit for the big day? Check. But… how about every kid’s favourite part of the party? Cake! Every kid has their dream birthday cake set in their mind - the perfect concoction of butter, sugar, and dreamy doses of oodles of cream! How delightful! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, cakes simply take the cake for being the highlight of every party. Our favourite childhood memories consist of being surrounded by our loved ones, ready to blow out the candles on our big, beautiful and scrumptious cake. So, why not recreate those memories for your child - gift them the perfect cake, made with love, especially for them.

Delight The Kid At Heart

CakeRush is serving up an array of absolutely delicious and marvellous cakes for your kiddo to marvel at on their big day. Chocolate filled wonderlands, Hershey’s chocolate cakes, Oreo cookies and cream cakes, M&M’s Rainbow cakes, and so much more! With our delicious kid favourites - there’s sure to be a party in everyone’s mouths. Say happy birthday in the sweetest ever way - with CakeRush’s magical assortment of marvellous cakes, specially crafted for kids. Even if it isn’t a party for the lil’ ones - we don’t judge! Our cakes are so absolutely mouth-wateringly irresistible - we’re sure you’ll have a hard time resisting these supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cakes! So, delight your kid - or the kid at heart at the next big celebration with our array of scrumptious cakes.

Spark Up The Joy

While classic decadence is an irresistible treat - we know that there’s nothing that kiddos love more than intricately designed cakes that’ll make them go “ooooo” and wow them off of their feet! Get ready to have your kid jumping with joy - because we have the perfect selection of designer cakes ready to be delivered right to your doorstep to surprise them. With mountains of chocolate, cookie crumbed delights, rainbows, sprinkles and pink and purple icing - what more could your little darling desire on their big day. Make their birthdays memorable as ever with our gorgeous designer kid cakes - we promise, they’ll be left delighted!

Party It Up Like It’s Your Birthday

Planning a birthday surprise for your little one can be quite stressful - which is why CakeRush is always here to help. Need the perfect kid-friendly birthday cake in a jiffy? We’ll even do you one better. Order from our array of cakes, cupcakes, and baked treats made with love for your lil’ one, click checkout and you’re done. We’ll have your treats delivered right to your doorstep at your selected date and time - all across Metro Manila. Even if you’re in a bit of a hurry for a last-minute surprise - we can have your cakes delivered on the very same day with same-day delivery options. So you can say goodbye to the stress of planning every single detail of your darling’s birthday, and leave the cakin’ to the experts - sit back, relax, and party it up like it’s your birthday!