December 22, 2020 2 min read

A story beginnings going back all the way to 1996, in Makati, Philippines; three sisters with an avid passion for food came together to bring the world an array of delicious, soul and sweet-tooth satisfying cakes - and ever since, the word Goldilocks has been synonymous with absolutely irresistible cakes, confections and other delicious treats.

Milagros Leelin Yee, Maria Flor and Clarita Leelin Go - passionate foodies, sisters and mothers - decided to come together to launch their first-ever store on the ground floor of a three-story building along Pasong Tamo Street in Makati. The name Goldilocks was chosen as an ode to a childhood favourite fairytale character - to keep in mind the children that they wanted to spread the sweetness to, but also to signify luck and prosperity.

Ever since, Goldilocks has reigned Queen across th4e Philippines - and even went worldwide, with the goal of creating delicious cakes, especially for children and their mothers - so that their celebrations could be made much sweeter.

Today, we look at Goldilocks as an irreplaceable icon of the Philippines - there’s simply no place better than Goldilocks’ to taste the flavours of true home-grown Philippino hospitality and baking. We here, at CakeRush simply couldn’t love the vision of this anymore - with our own vision being spreading the sweetness all around - we just knew Goldilocks was the way to go.

Which is why we want to bring you a taste of Goldilocks’ famously irresistible cakes - right to your doorstep. We’ve got some of the best cakes from Goldilocks’ at the absolute best prices - ready to be delivered right to you - with absolutely no delivery fee, and even with same-day delivery all across Metro Manila!

So go on ahead, and savor a slice of pure, delicious Philippino bakes and spread the sweetness with Goldilocks & CakeRush, today. 

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