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January 27, 2021 2 min read

Welcome to the astrological new year! We’re starting off with a bang with our favourite Aquarians birthdays. Full of intellect, philosophy and a whole lot of fun  - Aquarians are some of the most enigmatic people ever. They’ve got a love for life, learning, and hold an innate curiosity within them for almost everything under the sun. If you have a question about anything at all, there's no one better to ask than an Aquarius! You won’t just get an answer - but rather, a holistic view of every possible perspective to your question.

They may not be the loudest or most flashy, but they carry an undeniable charisma with them - wherever they go! You simply can’t miss an Aquarius. But most importantly, they hold their loved ones to a high regard and have an incredibly tight-knit circle - their loved ones always come first!

So, if you’re looking for the perfect cake to celebrate the incredible and individualistic Aquarius, what’s the right choice? Here are our top 3 picks for the amazing Aquarians in your life, and exactly why we love ‘em.

Red Velvet Cake In a Can
Red Velvet with Creme Cheese Frosting

Fun and bursting with flavour - this red velvet cake isn’t your  home-baked red velvet! The perfect medley of sweet and tart, paired with luscious cream cheese to add that kick of cream and salt - this delicious cake in a can is sure to put a  humungous smile on anyone’s face. The perfect personal little treat for your Aquarius!


 Chocolate Lava Cakes

Chocolate Lava Cakes

These petite, yet powerful delights are sure to be a fan-favourite amongst everyone! The perfect combination of chocolate and moist Belgian lava sauce - this set of mini cakes is a delightful treat, rich in some of life's best ingredients - your Aquarius is sure to love these! And there's more than enough for everyone to share.


Coffee Cheesecake

Coffee Cheesecake

Creamy chocolate-y goodness, paired with a delicious kick of cheese and coffee! What better way to embody the enigmatic Aquarius than this medley of bold and decadent flavours?


So go on, and celebrate your favourite Aquarians with our wonderful cakes! And even if you’re looking to celebrate in a completely different way, go ahead and pick the perfect cake from our range of scrumptious cakes! Send your love on your Aquarian’s birthday with CakeRush, and have the perfect cake delivered on the very same day with absolutely no delivery fee,  all across Metro Manila!

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