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August 27, 2020 3 min read

Yes, we’re wishing all of you a very happy birthday, or at least most of you… it’s September, and here in the Philippines, that means it’s birthday month! But what is birthday month? 

Unfortunately, it isn’t a whole month of your birthday - although, you can make it your birthday every day with our sumptuous birthday cakes! September, the unofficial birthday month of the Phillippines is, in fact, the month within which most birthdays in the country fall - making it a nationwide birthday bash all month long! 

In 2018, a national report showed that a total of 156,820 births occurred in just the month of September in the Philippines - making it the unofficial  Birthday Month  of the country.

With so many reasons to celebrate in just a month, CakeRush is ready to spread the sweetness all month long to all you September Birthday babies, and even to those of you who aren’t, because everyone deserves a sugar-laden, cakeful celebration. So whether it’s your birthday or not, CakeRush is here to give you a reason to celebrate with only the best sweet treats and cake deliveries all across the country. 

So, are you ready for the sweet September celebration? Here are our top picks for birthday cakes in the Phillippines that will spruce up your celebration like never before: 

  • Frozen Brazo De Mercedes: 

    Frozen Brazo De Mercedes
  • A homegrown decadent dessert with layers of sugary goodness - Brazo De Mercedes is a traditional Phillipino dessert made with crisp graham crackers, velvety vanilla ice cream, creamy custard and rich meringue. 

    This frozen twist on the Brazo De Merceded is the perfect cake for a burst of flavours and textures to brighten up your birthday bash - especially for the special birthday baby who loves pure Philippino flavours at heart. 


  • Chocolate Cherry Torte:

    Chocolate Cherry Torte
  • What’s a birthday without a dash of bubbly or booze? Not much of a celebration is it? This delectable delight - made perfect with layers of moist chocolate and  kirsch  sponge cake, strawberry cream pie filling and frosted in delicious Bailey’s whipped cream is crowned with even more chocolate and sweet maraschino cherries. 

    So go ahead and double the exuberance at your bash with this bold and bodacious cake, bursting with delightful flavours.


  • Mango Caramel Cake: 

    Mango Caramel Cake
  • Can’t pick between two terrific flavours? Neither can we! But hey, it’s your birthday, so why not have all the fun that you can? Let’s bring the best of both worlds in this splendid treat - like you’ve never tasted before. 

    This simple vanilla cake is more than what meets the eye - carrying a celebration of full-bodied flavours within it. With creamy caramel fudge and fresh mango compote creating a melange of sumptuous sweetness, and light whipped cream with real mango crowning this delicacy - you can’t go wrong with this celebration-worthy cake!



    Hershey's Mocha Sponge Cake

      Even as we get older, something no one can ever get over is their sweet cravings - especially for something as deliciously classic as chocolate. But of course, a whole cake brimming with just chocolate is just too much sweetness even for a chocoholic!

      So why not balance out your favourite childhood memories and flavours, with the more refined and unbeatable ones of adulthood? This cake is exactly that - with a mashup of crisp premium dark coffee and sweet Hershey’s chocolate - the quintessential mocha melange.


      • Rainbow M&M’s Cake:

      Rainbow M&M's Cake

        Birthdays are always a rainbow of colours - so why shouldn’t your cake be? We’re serving up the chance to truly taste the rainbow with this vibrant wonder; a classical luscious vanilla cake - spruced up with all the colours and flavours of the rainbow with a childhood favourite - Skittles!

        After all, no one’s ever too old to enjoy a little pop of sweet skittles, especially on their super special day.


        So are you ready to get your celebrations on with CakeRush? We're bringing you an array of delicious cakes including these to sweeten up every celebration with FREE delivery! So let's get shopping for delicious cakes today. 

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