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April 21, 2022 2 min read

Mama, I love you – these simple words come from a lifetime of devotion, sacrifice, care, and love towards us. It’s time to celebrate the number one woman in our life – the woman who brought us into the world. What better way to bond than through the gift of food! CakeRush brings a slew of Mother’s Day gift ideas in the form of cakes, platters, and irresistible bundles. The following are some of the easiest gifts you could give Mum on this special day.


Sharing Platters with Wine

In the words of Abuela from Disney’s Encanto “The magic is strong, so are the drinks.” Why not add some wine into the mix? Bring the whole family together to enjoy a huge variety of delicious cold cut meats, chocolates, pretzels, fruits, and an assortment of cheeses.


This party-sized spread of delectable munchies comes with a bottle of premium wine. What a way to treat Mum (and the whole family too!).

Try these sharing platter below:


Her Favorite Cupcakes

Be a good child and get Mum what she likes. Mums got to have a favorite cake flavor. Why not get her a set of cupcakes? She can share them with her friends and family.

CakeRush presents a variety of chocolate cupcakes, walnut banana cupcakes, chocolate chip banana cupcakes, cream cheese banana cupcakes, and a whole lot more. These individual cake treats are perfect for the health-conscious mum who only wants one serving of deliciousness.

These cupcakes are perfect as gifts:



Cookies Galore!


Forget cakes. Cookies are the best gifts to present on Mother’s Day for a few reasons. Firstly, they are bite-sized treats that melt in your mouth. A variety of signature flavors add to the tempting allure of each bite. Thirdly, cookies can be kept for a long while. Some sweeter cookies can be kept up to a week in airtight containers, making them perfect gifts for visitations to Mum’s house on the weekend. At CakeRush, our cookies are part of the much-loved varieties of confectionery that customers keep coming back for. Here are some you must try:


A Cake Bundle

What do you do when you can’t choose one gift? You get her all of them! A Mother’s Day gift bundle is the best way to show your love for Mum this year. Mother’s Day cake bundles come with… well, a cake, some chocolates, some cookies, fresh flowers, a card, some wine, candles, and a variety of add-ons.

The best feature of bundles is that you could customize them to your heart’s delight. Add or remove items to make the bundle a bespoke gift for you Mama. You can’t go wrong with a range of gifts.



Overall, Mother’s Day gifts should be hassle-free and easy to get. CakeRush makes it easy for you to choose gifts for Mum with a simple online order process. Just choose your favorite item from the Mother’s Day gift collection or from any of the lists above to start shopping today.

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