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January 12, 2021 2 min read

In our spotlight for today - we bring you the history of yet another proudly Filipino owned sweet treasure - Red Ribbon, one of the largest and fastest-growing bakeshops in the Philippines.

It all started in Timog, Quezon City in the year 1979 - when Amalia Mercado started baking as a passion project with the goal of spreading the sweetness, and making every celebration memorably sweet with the help of her delicious treats. Starting off with delicious cakes for get-togethers for her friends and family, Amalia always decorated her gorgeous cakes in beautiful boxes tied with red ribbons - which soon enough became her signature as the word of her divine bakes spread around the streets. Soon enough, her cakes became the most coveted desserts in town - and thus, began her journey into building a flourishing business, that would one day go on to spread the sweetness through her recipes - everywhere.

One slice at a time, Red Ribbon conquered not only Quezon City, and the Philippines - but eventually, even the world! As Amalia’s cakes grew in popularity amongst the Filipino crowd and international tourists alike, Red Ribbon was able to spread its wings over to West Covina, California in 1984. Today, Red Ribbon continues to remain synonymous with deliciously Filipino cakes - all across the globe; with over 450 locations just in the Philippines, and 30 more in the United States.

With such famously delicious cakes, it’s no wonder that Red Ribbon’s Mango Supreme and Ube Overload cakes were awarded the title of some of the best cakes in Los Angeles!

So, of course, when we here, at CakeRush - see someone just as passionate about cakes as us - we bring together the sweetest forces in the world to bring you the best ever cakes for all your celebrations! We’ve got an array of delicious Red Ribbon cakes for you to choose from - from their timeless cake rolls to delicious birthday cakes for everyone to share - we’re bringing you the best picks in town.

So when you’re craving a slice of delicious Filipino decadence - come on over to CakeRush, and satiate your sweet tooth with our irresistible Red Ribbon cakes! We’ll even deliver them to you on the same day - with absolutely no delivery fee all across Metro Manila! So, you can just sit back, relax and indulge in our wonderful cakes from the comfort of your home.

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