September 18, 2020 2 min read

Oh no! Did you forget to get the cake for tonight’s celebration? Have you got your day all planned out and have absolutely no time on your hands to get a cake for the house party next week? Or are you planning to surprise a loved one but need a lending hand to get it done? Fret not! With CakeRush, we’ll have sweet treats delivered to you and for you!

CakeRush delivers fresh and delicious cakes from the best bakeries in Metro Manila right to your doorstep! It is the go-to online cake shop that offers free same-day deliveries. - With a wide comprehensive range of high-quality cakes, CakeRush feeds your temptations on demand which allows you to enjoy all kinds of cakes anywhere, anytime! It is indeed an ideal stop when it comes to celebrating a special occasion or sending a sneaky surprise to a loved one. You name it and we’ll have it done! Easy, fast, and reliable, you can count on it.

One of our best features would be our free same-day delivery services! We make sure you have your sweet cravings satisfied, any time anywhere! From cakes to cookies, to brownies, or even mille crepes, take your pick among our wide range of selection and anticipate devouring them within 4 hours at a maximum! There is no need of thinking about placing an order ahead of time when CakeRush is here to save the day!

It is easy to order with us! As easy as 1, 2, 3! All you need to do is pick your choice of dessert, key in the detail required, make payment and it will be on its way to you or that person you want to surprise! We have made it easy for you! 

Not to mention, our same-day deliveries are also free of charge! When it comes to delivery charges, there is no need to worry about it when you order with CakeRush. So order any many tasty and mouth-watering treats as you like. We will be more than happy to have it sent and put a smile on somebody’s face any day.

Have delicious desserts sent your way today and satisfy you sweet-tooth today with CakeRush! We guarantee, wiith one bite, you crave for more! It is just never enough!

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