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September 05, 2021 4 min read

As fellow Filipinos start to gear up for the beginning of the "-ber" months, many have their eyes peeled on upcomingpromotions such as the9.9 Sale. Being one of the mega shopping days in September, the 9.9 Sale is easily the main event for anyonline shopper who is looking to get the maximum bang for their buck in thePhilippines. Who doesn’t love a good sale, right?

However, when we talk about shopping deals, one prominent gift that is often overlooked isfood promotions,especially desserts. Yes, you heard that right! Think of it, treats like cakes are always the main event for any celebration. Besides, ain’t nobody gonna say ‘no’ to free dessert. Given the upcoming celebratory months, we guarantee that there will be no shortage oforders forSeptember birthday cakes. So, let us help you get an awesome deal from the top-reviewed cakes in town. We’re talking about the exclusiveCakeRush promo that will be going live during the9.9 Sale!

Without further ado, let’s look at the best popular birthday cakes you can get with aCakeRush promo code during the9.9 Sale in thePhilippines.

Top-rated September Birthday Cakes On9.9 Sale

Strawberry Shortcake

White as snow and delicious like heaven, what more is there to say about this classic vanilla cake that is wrapped in one of the most beautiful frostings? This wonderful creation is sure to turn some heads at the birthday party when the grand revelation happens. There’s even a chocolate-drizzled variant of this cake if you fancy a little more flair at the celebration. 

Red Velvet with Creme Cheese Frosting

Ah, red velvets, the epitome for anything grand — the perfectSeptember birthday caketo celebrate special milestones like the sweet sixteens and legal twenty ones. To top it all off, this wonderful dessert even comes in a sleek-looking can, ideal for those who’d like to keep a memento of the celebration long after the party has passed. Have this gifted to enjoy all the deliciousness minus the messy affair!


Black Forest Cake

Rich, sumptuous and fabulous, the Black Forest Cake is a dessert that survived the test of time and remained as one of the most sought-after cakes for any birthday celebration. With layers of yummy chocolate cake coupled with smooth cream cherry fillings, there’s just no way you could go wrong with such a decadent creation.


Korean Caramel Custard Cake

If mainstream is not your jam, why not try something a little different like this Korean-inspired creation? Made with light chiffon cake and frosted withall-butter Italian meringue buttercream, this yummy delicacy will definitely be a hit with all the K-fans out there. So, if you have a loved one who’s mad forOppas andOnnis, this is a cake that is made just for them!


Mommy Lucy’s Chocolate Cake

A homegrown recipe that has been perfected since 1975, this unique chocolate cake is ideal for those who love a warm homely touch on their birthdays. It is nice and it is simple, there’s just simply nothing else like it. Have this delivered to someone and watch as their hearts melt over its loving taste. 


Coffee Cashew Cake

Know someone who just loves coffee in everything? Well, here’s a cake that’ll satiate their cravings. Packed with three layers of mocha cake, filled with chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream frosting and cashew nuts, this decadent creation definitely packs a powerful caffeinated punch in the flavour department. Pick this as a gift and the coffee lovers will thank you for it!

That sums up the best birthday cakes that you could score at a discount during the9.9 Sale. But wait, we have one more tip to make youronline shopping smoother — onlyorder from trusted online sites.

Birthday cakes are meant for special days that only come once a year. To ensure no unwanted surprises happen to your cake, we’d recommend ordering from CakeRush, one of the bestonline cake delivery services in thePhilippines. We offer safe and convenient payment so you canorder all the birthday cakes you want and use all theCakeRush promo codes you can find, worry-free!

Meanwhile, our list of ever-growing passionate bakers means you will always be in the loop for the trendiestSeptember birthday cakes, allowing you to make a good impression and also score a great discount while you are at it. And that is what the9.9 Sale is all about, creating a win-win situation for everyone!

As the final icing on the cake, CakeRush also provides same-day delivery for all of its treats, September birthday cakes included (even on9.9 Sale!). All you need to do is place your orders online by 3PM (Mon-Sat) and our friendly delivery person will ensure your surprise is delivered within the same day!

So, if you’re looking to score aCakeRush promo code this coming9.9 Sale, head over to during the mega sale and catch yourself some awesome deals!

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