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August 09, 2021 3 min read

Ube desserts need no introduction. Since last year, these violet-hued creations have been all over our social media feed, and consider us intrigued! Whether in the Philippines or Filipino dessert stores all over the world, this unmistakably gorgeous yet delicious dessert is seen everywhere, gaining a worldwide fanbase. What exactly is ube and why is it so trendy right now? 

If you’re not familiar with this trendy purple veggie, here’s a quick intro! Ube is a purple yam originating from the Philippines. However, don’t mistake it for the common sweet potato!  Ube is laden with a sweeter, slightly nutty taste compared to its commonly-mistaken-for cousin, with a more beautiful (in our opinion!) lilac colour. It’s a staple used in Filipino cuisine, often either mashed with condensed milk and made into ube macapuno cake or the childhood favourite langka ube candy.

Although ube is a classic favourite in the Philippines, it has gone mainstream only in recent years. It’s safe to say that the ube’s popularity comes from its unique lavender shade, creamy delicious flavour, and an (ube)rly Instagrammable aesthetic!

So without further ado, here are our favourite top 10 ube desserts that will make you want to hang around the table and savour every spoonful!

  • Ube Ice Cream 
  • We are swooning over ube ice cream, made only from whipping cream, ube extract and condensed milk. It’s lightly sweet, almost floral like lavender, but some describe it as vanilla-y pistachio. Just perfect for these hot summer days!

    And if you think ice cream is the only way to enjoy ube, think again.


  • Precious Ube Cake
  • This moist ube cake from Homebake Mom might just be the best ube cake in Manila, so here’s your formal invitation to have a load of this purple delight! Layers of ube chiffon cake are filled with ube cream cheese frosting for a slice of irresistible sweetness. If you’re a fan of crepe cake and ube, this ube dessert is made just for you!

  • Ube Banana Bread
  • We’re all in for homemade goods! After all, we’ve been making banana bread since the pandemic hit - why not add a few drops of ube flavouring to the classic recipe? Top this Filipino dessert with a little butter and serve them with a good ole’ cup of Milo for the perfect Sunday breakfast!


  • Ube Custard 
  • We’re obsessed with this ube custard from Fraiche Patisserie and are pretty sure you will be, too. Fluffy ube flavoured chiffon cake with layers of homemade caramel custard cream, then coated with ube frosting and cake crumbs coating. Have some with a glass of bubbly and you’re set for an insta-worthy brunch at home! 


  • Ube Burnt Cheesecake
  • Did someone just say ‘ube cheesecake’? Well, this one's for you! Have a slice of this creamy and flavourful purple yam burnt cheesecake from Bakepertise, perfectly baked to satisfy your cravings.

  • Lanka Ube Candy
  • Calling all ube and jackfruit fans! The langka ube candy is a classic childhood staple for all Filipinos. Combining layers of two local favourite flavours, this candy is soft, chewy and individually packed so you can always keep one - or a few - in your pocket at all times!


  • Ube Cheesecake Natsukki

    Miya-Miya is bringing your Pinoy-favourite dish to a whole new level! This ube cheesecake natsukki is an ube explosion made of purple yam, white chocolate chips, a generous amount of cream cheese, and some crunch from the walnuts. Enjoy it hot to have cream cheese oozing from each bite!

  • Caramia Ube Cake
  • We can’t forget the famous best ube cake in Manila! Layers and layers of ube chiffon with ube halaya filling, topped with beautifully whipped cream for an authentic Filipino flavor. Can someone say “Yum!”?


  • Basque Ube Cheesecake
  • Here’s another one for you cheesecake lovers out there! This burnt ube cheesecake from Sweet Samthings has a beautiful, dark exterior full of bittersweet notes that make the light, creamy cheesecake interior seem even more rich and flavourful. Try it now and we’re sure you won’t look back. 

  •  Ube Macapuno Cake
  • Thinking of whipping up an ube dessert over the weekend? We’ve found the best ube cake recipe for all you aspiring home-bakers! This moist ube cake is the perfect one to end our list with. Simple, yet classically delicious, this one will be everyone’s favourite. 

    No matter which ube dessert you pick from our top 10 ube desserts list, you can rest assured the person you buy this for will enjoy every bite! Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary celebration, it is really easy to deliver an irresistible moist ube cake to surprise someone, even if you are away from them. Sourcing only from the best bakers around town, we ensure that all the ube desserts are fresh from order to delivery! 

    As the icing on the cake, we also offer same-day delivery for all of our delicious desserts. Just place your order online before 3PM (Mon-Sat) on our site and your ube dessert will be delivered within the same day!

    So, if you love Filipino desserts as much as we do, head over to https://www.cakerush.ph/ today and order a yummy slice!

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