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October 22, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever had a dessert so delicious you felt like you might just be swept away into a chocolate-y trance like state? Well, the blackout cake is sure to be the top contender for the dessert to sweep you away into a chocolate coma. But where do the roots of this sinfully delicious dark chocolate cake originate? 

This cake is quite literally a slice of history with its origins coming from a time of strife and struggle faced by the Brooklyn Navy Yard during WWII, when intentional power cuts were put in place to protect the area during war. This very struggle was what inspired a bakery in Brooklyn - Ebinger’s, who invented a sinfully delicious dark chocolate cake to commemorate the history of the city. 

After the war, although Ebinger’s refused to release their original recipe, the lore of this cake had already become popular enough to inspire numerous copy-cats that tried to mimic the sinfully delicious treat. Eventually, the name became a staple everywhere for a rich dark chocolate cake - to stay true to it’s name “blackout”. 

Many assume that this dark chocolate filled delight is a plain old chocolate cake with an added oomph of dark chocolate, but contrary to popular belief, this cake is so much more than that. With a much richer base of chocolate, dark cocoa, and a velvety smooth chocolate pudding - this cake is a much more powerful cousin to the iconic devil’s food cake. With three scrumptious layers decadent chocolate upon chocolate - all sandwiched with smooth chocolate pudding, coated in a dark ganache frosting and finally jewelled in chocolatey cake crumbs - this cake is a fantasy come to life for any true chocoholic. 

Best enjoyed with a side of sugar and cream - the bodacious Blackout Cake pairs best with delicious macadamia and hazelnuts, sweet and salty caramel ice cream or a rich drizzle of irresistible strawberry sauce. If you’re looking to pair it with the perfect drink, Brazilian roast coffees and creamy stout brews go best with this rich delight - adding a tinge of acidity to complement its complex flavours. 

Have you ever indulged in a bite of history delicious enough to make you black out? Well, you can now. CakeRush has some of the most delicious Blackout Cakes in town for you to try - there’s no need to take a trip to Brooklyn for one of these delicious treats! Simply pick your Blackout chocolate cake, set your preferred delivery date and time, and check-out with your address and additional details. That’s it! We’ll bring your delicious Blackout cake  to your doorstep with free delivery! So, go on now… and indulge in a bite of decadent history. 

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