October 15, 2020 2 min read

Chocolate cakes are a record-breaking top choice, a chocoholic's wonderland with heaps of chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla and sugar. Nobody on the planet can deny, that at some point in their lives, their favourite cake has been something with a kick of chocolate in it. Regardless of whether you like it basic and plain, decked in cream, or paired with other decadent flavors like cherry or cream cheese - chocolate cake reigns supreme.

However, where do the unassuming beginnings of this delicacy root from? In an eccentric new development, chocolate cake was really found on mishap - while attempting to make syrup in a round cake pan, a specialist and a chocolate creator collaborated in a plant in 1765 - and made the tastiest and most revered treat the world knows today - chocolate cake!

Throughout history, chocolate cake has evolved through many different forms - with an array of chocolate cakes that have been innovated and differentiated to its customary formula. From the Black Forest cake with delicious cherries to the German Chocolate Cake with its rich coconut pecan icing, and even espresso and alcohol-infused slices of delicacy - the chocolate cake has a perfectly decadent offering for everyone.

Furthermore, shouldn't something be said about the ideal pairings? All things considered, chocolate cake works out positively for a large number of flavours in view of how all around cherished, assorted, and adaptable it's flavour palette is! To begin with, chocolate cake clearly works best with exemplary flavours like Espresso, Butterscotch, Salted Caramel, Berries, Cherries and obviously luxurious Chocolate Fudge. Regardless, exploring different avenues regarding other non-customary flavours has consistently worked admirably well with chocolate similarly too, so go ahead and try your favourite flavours like chilli, orange or citron fruits, and even mango with your decadent slice of chocolate!

As for the perfect sip to enjoy with your slice of decadence, the best drink pairings for chocolate cakes are solid and full-bodied, for instance, Coffee espresso and Cabernet Red wine - which help cut the sweetness of the cake, and add distinct notes to complement and upgrade the cocoa flavour, providing for the ideal palette profile.

We're getting pretty ravenous even thinking about chocolate cake! How about you?

If you’re looking for the most delicious chocolate cakes in town, look no further than CakeRush! We have the largest array of mouth-watering chocolate cakes available for free same-day delivery across Metro Manila!

 So, why not relish a slice of long-standing delicious history and enjoy a slice of Chocolate Cake with CakeRush, today. 

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