November 19, 2020 2 min read

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas is finally here! After a rollercoaster of a year, the season of joy and togetherness is something we’re all looking forward to - something that could possibly help end our year on a much sweeter note. With the current situation, we face as a world though, many of us may not be lucky enough to spend Christmas with our families this year, and what’s Christmas without the gift of family, love, and togetherness?

Spending Christmas away from home means not being able to enjoy the most wonderful joys of the season like cosy dinners, Christmas carols, unwrapping gifts underneath the tree with your loved ones. But being far away doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss out on the most important part of Christmas - sending your loved ones a token of your love in the form of wonderful gifts! 

Whether you’re looking for gifts for the little cuties at home, your siblings, friends, or even your darling parents - we believe there’s a perfect gift to sweeten their Christmas celebrations, even when far away. With this seasons being especially known for sweet treats, a cake is undeniably the perfect present for everyone at home. It doesn’t just make them feel sugary sweet, but also makes up for you not being able to be there at the Christmas dinners and get-togethers. After all, who doesn’t want a slice of delicious indulgence during the dinner festivities?

Cakes are something everyone would love, and with so many different flavours to choose from - you’re sure to find a dose of sweetness to satiate everyone’s tastebuds. But how would you send your loved ones some delicious cake without you actually being there? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore with CakeRush here to save the day! Whether you’re currently residing within the country or somewhere far away - we can have the perfect cake delivered to your loved ones with a few simple clicks! We here at CakeRush, love spreading the sweetness and love in the form of cakes - so we’ve got some of the best cakes from across town, ready to be delivered for free across Metro Manilla. 

Even if you’ve forgotten to get your Christmas shopping on, we’ve got your back with free same-day cake deliveries - so you can send your loved ones something wonderfully sweet even on a last-minute spree. So this Christmas, send your loved ones the gift of something sweet, whether near or far. 

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