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October 08, 2020 2 min read

It’s not everyday that you meet a cake with a mythology as mystifying as it’s very own taste, it’s not everyday that you indulge in a piece of history and red velvet cake.

A cake so perfectly flavorful - to the sight and the tongue, there will never be getting enough of this rich pleasure whether it be a glance or a slice. However, where does this ravishing cake originate from?

A quick look at cake history will tell you that red velvet cakes have been a worshipped top pick for quite a long time; however, in spite of its speciality, the red velvet cake has been at the sweet focus of plenty of controversies and unfounded incriminations - from it being a fraud chocolate cake, to it being a formula for revenge - red velvet cake has dealt with it all.

In actuality, the foundations of red velvet cake date back to the thirteenth-century Victorian period where cocoa was viewed as an extravagance, reserved distinctly for the creme de la creme of cakes - and served only to the most notable individuals at the fanciest gatherings and parties of that society.

Although today's less authentic red velvet cakes are an invention of chocolate and food colouring, real red velvet cakes were not as brightly coloured as today's delicacy. Red Velvet cakes were given their notorious name because of their close likeness to a velvety red carpet, particularly on account of their smooth and delicate texture. The famous shade of the red velvet, however, at first originated from a formula botch that brought about a chemical response between buttermilk and vinegar - and the rest was history. This luxurious delicacy soon made its way through the most prestigious parties, pop-culture trends, celebrity favourites, and finally today, our homes as a household favourite.

Everybody adores a slice of sinful decadence, particularly when its as bodacious and luxurious as red velvet. But what pairs well with the iconic red velvet? As for flavours, fresh raspberries, dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream are the best bet for this delicious cake- complementing its tart and layered flavour profile without overwhelming the superstar. With respect to drink pairings, Mocha espresso and Pinot Noir wine are the ideal pair for this cake as they elevate its flavours and add a hint of sweetness to the overall flavour trip!

So, are you ready to take on a bite of long-running luxury with a decadent slice of red velvet? Well then, we're the ideal spot for you. We have a variety of perfectly scrumptious red velvet cakes fit for every event - and when you're searching for that taste of extravagance, we'll double the delicious experience by delivering your cake right to you for free, on the same day while you can take it easy from the comfort of your home, when you satisfy your sweet tooth with CakeRush!

Browse through our range of ravishing red velvet cakes today, and indulge yourself in a true taste of luxury. 

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